We are THE OFFICIAL SUPPLIER FOR CoCoRaHS (since 2006)! Thank you for trusting us with all your CoCoRaHS and weather needs!

Official original CoCoRaHS gauge
Official original CoCoRaHS gauge

Official original CoCoRaHS gauge

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The original CoCoRaHS gauge is one of two approved CoCoRaHS gauges. Click here to see a comparison of the two!!

Each gauge ships with a complimentary CoCoRaHS brochure!!

  • Heavy-duty clear butyrate plastic gauge
  • Measures a full 11 inches of precipitation
  • Inner measuring tube has a capacity of 1 inch and is graduated to one hundredth of an inch
  • Rainfall exceeding 1.00 inch automatically overflows into the outer cylinder
  • Funnel and measuring tube are removed for collecting sleet and snow
  • Melted snowfall is emptied into the measuring tube to measure the moisture content of snow/sleet
  • Opening diameter is 4 inches, rain gauge height is 14 inches
  • Package Contents: 
            Rain Gauge (including funnel and inner measuring tube)
            Post Mounting Bracket and Hardware
            Detailed Instructions
            Daily Precipitation Log