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StrikeAlert PAGER lightning detector
StrikeAlert PAGER lightning detector
StrikeAlert PAGER lightning detector

StrikeAlert PAGER lightning detector

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  • Perfect for an advanced warning to approaching lightning for outdoor sports, work and activities
  • Detects lightning activity (cloud to ground lightning) up to 40 miles away
  • Uses a trend of strike distances to determine if storm is approaching or departing  

Depress the power button for one second for lightning-track information: 
    If the LEDs cycle from green to red, storm is approaching
    If the LEDs cycle from red to green, the storm is departing 
    If the LEDS cycle from the center LED to the outside LEDs, the storm
    is stationary or not enough data is available     
  • Power button has four functions: On, On with Tone, Off and Storm Direction
  • Power Saving Feature (automatically powers down after 2 hours of operation if there is no lightning activity) 
  • Battery test shows battery level each time detector is turned on
  • Designed for outdoor use (will work indoors but its ability to detect lightning strikes can be affected by common sources of electromagnetic emissions)
  • StrikeAlert lightning detector is approximately the size of a pager and includes belt clip
  • One year limited warranty 
  • Power requirements : 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Under typical operating conditions, StrikeAlert will operate up        to 100 hours before batteries will need replacing

          Click here for User Guide