Have you heard the big news?? CoCoRaHS has approved a second gauge for use by the CoCoRaHS network! The new ‘TROPO’ gauge is an upgraded/premier gauge option!! Now available for purchase…shipping starts by May 10!! (Sorry, no gauge parts available for individual purchase for the TROPO gauge yet)

*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge
*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge

*NEW* TROPO 4” Precipitation Gauge

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The TROPO Precipitation Gauge is the next generation 4-inch all-weather professional precipitation gauge that meets the accuracy and specification requirements of CoCoRaHS. The TROPO is the approved, premium CoCoRaHS gauge option.

It’s the first comprehensive refresh of the 4-inch Stratus All-weather Rain Gauge, which was first introduced way back in 1973! Based on the design of NOAA’s National Weather Service official standard 8” rain gauge, the TROPO Precipitation Gauge uses the same dual cylinder design to measure precipitation with a resolution of 0.01” (.25 mm).

The inner cylinder holds 1 inch (25 mm) of precipitation, while the extra-large outer cylinder holds another 12.50 inches (317.5 mm) of precipitation making the maximum capacity approximatley 13.5” (343 mm). The inner cylinder and funnel top cap are removable to allow catchment of snowfall or other frozen precipitation, which can then be melted down or weighed to determine a liquid equivalent.

The gauge is made of a UV stabilized Polycarbonate; the same weather resistent material as greenhouses.

This is the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use manual precipitation gauge available.




  • 13.5” (342.9 mm) maximum capacity
  • Textured grips on outer cylinder for secure handling of the gauge
  • Bird deterrent rods (optional)
  • Funnel opening atop inner cylinder for easy filling without outer tube cap.
  • Outer cylinder gradations for quick, estimated readings
  • Removable handle for easy handling of the unmounted gauge.
  • Flexible, easy mounting bracket for pole or post installation with weather-protected bracket design for easy mounting & unmounting
  • Inner cylinder equipped with stabilizing base for easy filling
  • Locking funnel cap to avoid blow-offs
  • Extra tall cap walls for more accurate catchment of precipitation
  • Beveled guide on bottom of outer cylinder allows inner cylinder to easily slide in place.
  • Safe, easy operation with textured grips and removable handle
  • Attain more accurate precipitation measurements with fewer measurement mishaps
  • Save time cleaning the gauge from bird droppings
  • Save time and avoid potential damage while dismounting gauge in icy or frozen conditions
  • Save money by not buying blown off and lost cap/funnel
  • Fewer gauge over-toppings during extreme events or long accumlation periods
  • Save time installing and operating the gauge